Hi, its now six months since I decided to try a BlackBerry phone the Z10, so far its was a good choice to buy, today let a business friend try the Z10 when he saw mine, he has older keyboard BlackBerry and on point of going I phone / Sony Z, after a quick demo to explain basic use of swipe UI, he soon was using the Z10 with ease and liked the difference to older BlackBerry he's been use to, build quality/ fast browser and Hub for emails etc all plus points, mentioned that the Q10 had keyboard also A10 with 5" screen due soon, not interested for him the Z10 was perfect size, he is sold on new BlackBerry and going to get one, this is the problem if a potential new owner is shown how good the new Blackberries are, needs an owner with experience not the usual retail Muppets and most not motivated to push BlackBerry, he asked why the new phones are not selling well ?, simply bad marketing by BlackBerry, same with playbook had mine with me a quick demo and he was impressed with it, did it run BB10 like Z10? Unfortunately no, why not? How do you answer, a missed opportunity to sell playbook 2.