BlackBerry Z10 - STL100-3 Random Restart Problem
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Thread: BlackBerry Z10 - STL100-3 Random Restart Problem

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    Question BlackBerry Z10 - STL100-3 Random Restart Problem

    hey I am have BlackBerry Z10 - from Telus Canada Unlocked , right now im in INDIA using AIRTEL GSM in my Z10.

    Model Number - STL100-3

    OS Version -

    Software Release - "No information Available" ( It might be - I am nit sure because i have installed leaked one so may be it is not showing this information)

    I have few problems in my phone.

    It hangs sometimes during generals operations - no fix scenarios for this problems
    It restarts 2-3 times a day - same no fix scenarios for this problems .
    It heats up. phone gets restart and then it is heating like iron.

    Do you have any solution for this problem ?

    Can anyone has this kind of problem or I am the only one who is facing this issues.


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    The random rebooting issue is a known issue. It seems as though the os updates are bringing the fix with them. I personally loaded the Z10 leaked os and haven't had a reboot since.

    Hopefully, your carrier will have you an updated os soon. In the meantime, find the latest leaked os right here on BBOS and give it a go (sorry I don't have a link for you)! Remember though that you install leaks at your own risk.

    Please post back and thank you for stopping by!

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