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    Z10 freezes then restarts

    From time to time and completely out of the blue, my Z10 will freeze, then shut it self off and restart. What's up with that? Has anyone else had this experience?

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    This is a known issue that affects many of us including me. The latest "Rumor" is that it's a software issue that will be fixed in an upcoming os update (by the end of this month maybe).

    Let's hope it comes soon!

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    hi, I have similar issue. I bought my phone locked to O2 so I got the code and it was unlocked to my network (and all others). I presume such codes are not for temporary use, right? My Z10 was working fine the last 2-3 weeks since then. Few days ago I did update software to or sth like that. Available for UK/Ireland since 23/27 October. Never had any reboot but yesterday the phone has locked itself (no passowords were set up) saying that IMEI number ... was locked. Emergency calls available only. Something like that. Since then it is rebooting reaching 100% and then nothing for hours, or it is rebooting few times in a raw. This does not make sense, as the first 2-3 weeks was OK without any reboots, freezing etc. My model is STL100-2. I've read this may be 'bad batch' of phones produced but also that this is software issue, which is logical to me, as otherwise it would not work perfectly fine the first 2-3 weeks, right? Battery isnt hot so I dont think that this is the problem with my battery. I haven't requested any software updates yesterday, so can anyone explain what has happened and is there any news from BB that this is going to be fixed? Now, even if I will get the right fix, I am not able to connect to Link via USB as the phone simply isn't ON - it's just loading and loading... . How then I would be able to access the phone and load new OS? I've read sth about OS-autoloader - would that be any solution? Where I can find out how to load OS on the phone which isnt ON fully? Where I can track that bug on BB website? Is it official bug? Is BB working on that fix? I am counting on the pro guys here who could shed some light on such issue, which is really often, Plenty of people are facing this problem. It's very dissappoiting. A product with such 'holes' shouldn't even be released to the markets. Now BB knows why they have m998 USD losses. I bought first BB 9300 Curve (great phone) but Z10 - waste of money. BB should refund us all for that crappy unreliable phone. Hope this is only a matter of good software fix. thanks for the replies in advance. Yo!

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