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    Z10 SMTP zombie mail to send folder on mail server

    Looks like that the Z10 is repeating to send zombie mails to it's own send folder every few minutes.

    upfront, I apologise for posting this here on BlackBerryOS as well, but I think this issue can't be pushed to much, because it's a very annoying bug !

    So what is it.
    Did send a email with. Image attached to a contact out of the contact list, with an picture taken with the camera of the Z10 unit.

    No problem there sending the mail off via WiFi, regarding the automatic mailsetup via imap, rim.smtp.. Over my yahoo mail account.
    But and now the zombie issue kicking off.
    Got a Playbook setup with the same rim.smtp.. Setup and synchronisation usually working fine between the Z10, the Yahoo account and the Playbook, without issue.
    What happens next is strange, because the email in question had been deleted on the Z10 already, but the PB received the same email again and again every 10 minutes from the yahoo account in it's Send folder for days.
    Even tried to lockin manually in to my yahoo mail via PC, even there this zombie mail flooding in every few minutes, keep repeatedly deleting them in the send and trash folder, but the Z10 continuing to send this mails.
    This only stopped after I switched the Z10 off for some time, so it must be the Z10 and not the rim.smtp.. Mail cache who causing the issue, remember the initial email was deleted off the Z10 two days ago!
    What the funny thing is, that this zombie mail did not appear on the Z10 itself at all, only on the syncing PB and the yahoo mail server.

    The zombie flooding restarted after the Z10 gets switched ON again, how can I empty the mail cache on the Z10 ???

    Yes I did read upon that SMTP mail bug lately.

    Sorry forgot the tech spec
    Z10 STL100-2
    Vodafone Germany
    Wlan: 1.1

    May I found a temp solution, since this bug seemed to be related to the use of WiFi as well, and the time BlackBerry do address the known problem with the upcoming upgrade for the Z10.

    Ok after I did switched my Z10 "ON" ones again the flooding started to begin ones more, but than I just swiped down the settings bar from the "top down" menu and deactivated WiFi and bluetooth by taping on the two icons.
    The Z10 changed over to "H" and no other radio connection at all, only the carrier network, which was not responsible for the email being send by WiFi...
    Obviouslythe zombie issue stopped!

    So, after activating the WiFi and bluetooth again.. to see what would happened next...

    Wow.. The zombie mails no longer continuing, it had finally stopped.

    Well may this could be a little workaround if the zombie behaver appears again to stop or kill the repentantly sending in to the "send" folder on the mail server...
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    Seems to be a nasty bug that will most likely involve BlackBerry support.

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