Poll: What do you think about the battery life of the Z10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spencerdl View Post
    Ok , Monday is all but complete and here are the results of my battery drainage (not that busy for a Monday). Removed my Z10 from the Charger at 7:30am, approx 8 phone calls (estimate 15min each) , about 20 emails, received NEW BlackBerry multimedia headsets in the mail ( approx 3 hrs of listening too music ), BBM and BBM group corespondence, approx 30 text msg and at 11:00pm my battery is at 56% (15+hrs)....NOT BAD, I think I will keep this PHONE OH yeah, WIFI always on, but no bluetooth.....didn't need PlayBook bridge today
    Excellent thanks for sharing. So would you consider that day an average day for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Jerde View Post
    That's really good. Any time playing games? Usually that's the biggest battery drainer.
    Nah, not a big game player on my smartpone devices, I use the PlayBook or my 56 inch Plasma for that, but I do have " The Dark Knight Rises" on my Z10 .

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