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    Angry BlackBerry z10 and my daily agressions

    Hey People,

    well...every Day when i find the time to play around with my BB z10 i get frustrated again.
    I want to tell you my probs and hope you can help me out with some things.

    Do ya´ll have the same probs with WhatsApp, so you cant add contacts on your own ?
    (I guess thats the price for using the android port ha ?Just got to wait a few days till official WA is coming to BB 10 right ?)


    the damn NOTIFICATION System...the HUB Idea is so perfect...fits to every kind of wish i ever had...BUT !!!
    i installed IM+, Trillian, Skype, MSN, FB Messenger, Whatsapp...EVERY KIND of god damn Messenger.
    The only one which gives me notifications straight ahead is Whatsapp,email and sms.
    EVERY other thing isnt working as i want it. FB Messenger dont makes any kind of notification when my screen is offline.
    The same for IM+, Twitter,Facebook itself, Trillian or other.

    In the Configurations of the apps, i always say "Tone,LED and Vibra"...but nothing...just when i look at my lock screen the Bell apears, but nothing LED...that suxx hard really...
    do anyone succesfully cofigurated the LED to show up in Blue or other colors when notis come in ? Iam really messed up with that...
    So i bought the z10 to REPLACE my iphone 5 cause i wanted to stay in direct contact and communicate, but is it worth it when this shit DONT works in ANY Kind ?!
    WHY there ISNT any app to config the LED and Tones in basic ?! i CANT understand it...with my BB 9790...EVERY F**** THING WORKED ABSOLUTELY AS I WANT IT...Just how it got to be...and now ? with the z10 ? I get frustrated more and more every day -.- damn

    The main question i a bit too hasty ? too rash with my expectations ? i tried files...searched google...but i really cant help myself with my situation and my z10

    SO...i really hope YOU Guys have some cool tips...a few ideas too get in perfect mood with my BB z10

    Thanks alot for answering my questions


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    I'm guessing that notifications not showing in the Hub are an app compatibility issue, not a Hub issue. Also, there is still some API access that needs to be released in order for 3rd party apps that control the color of the LED to be able to always run in the background. Right now you'll have to leave a notification app like Color ID running in the background as an active frame for it to function properly.

    I believe OS 10.1 will bring about major API support and we'll see better integration. Remember, it's still a baby OS.

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    Hi Jane

    Just got my Z10 yesterday.. apparently no trillian version available yet!
    How did you managed to get this..
    Found some . Jad file but it cant be opened from the BB...
    Any clues?



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    Hi Phil,
    My guess is he installed an android port. The .jad downloads are for legacy BlackBerry devices only. Here's how you can side load android apps to your Z: How To Sideload Android Apps On BlackBerry 10 Using A PC

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