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    How can I make my own Iphone and laptop wallpaper for others to download?

    How can I make a wallpaper for my mobile, iphone., blackberry or iphone and then how can I make it available for other people to download?

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    Go to "MAKE A WALLPAPER" page. Read all the requirements on that page.

    1. First, you have to select your phone model, so they could know into what size they should crop your wallpaper, so it could fit well on your cell phone.

    Now you have 2 options to upload an image to their phone wallpaper editor tool.

    2. If you have an image on your computer's hard drive: There's a "Browse" button on "UPLOAD AN IMAGE" box, click on it. "Choose file" browse window will open. Select an image you want. Press "Submit" button.

    3. If you have a link (URL) to an image on some internet website, then use "A LINK TO AN IMAGE" box. Paste the link to "URL to an image:" field. Press "Submit" button.

    hope this helps

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