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    How to unlock Blackberry Curve 9320 / 9220

    Blackberry Curve 9320 and 9220 is now available.

    If you are going to buy a Blackberry Curve 9320 / 9220 and use it with a Sim cards from more then one GSM carrier you will need to unlock your Blackberry.

    Unlocking your Blackberry will disable the Sim lock, your Blackberry will be "SIM free", it means that you can use many GSM carriers (worldwide) with your unlocked Blackberry phone.

    The new Curve Blackberry devices are low-priced Blackberry phones.
    the frequency bands for 2G speeds are GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

    How to unlock Blackberry Curve 9320 / 9220
    To unlock your Blackberry Curve 9320 you will need to get the unlock code first.
    The unlock code is a unique code for each Blackberry phone.
    You can use any Blackberry unlocking service to order your unlock code. you will need the IMEI # of your Blackberry to order the unlock code.

    To find the IMEI # just dial * # 0 6 #

    The unlock code is calculated with the IMEI # and there are a few methods to get your unlock code - it can be the PRD method, the MEP ID method or the model & carrier selection method.
    when using the carrier selection method remember that you need to select the carrier your Blackberry is locked to (the original carrier that your Blackberry was branded for).
    The PRD is printed on the sticker on the backside of your Blackberry (under the battery)

    If you already have the unlock code for your Blackberry simply follow the unlocking instructions for your Blackberry Curve 9320 / 9220 device:

    1) Get a Sim card from a GSM carrier which is not the original carrier of your Blackberry.

    2) Insert the SIM card into the sim slot of your Blackberry Curve 9320 / 9220

    3) Turn on your Blackberry, a massage will pop up asking you if you want to unlock your Blackberry using a MEP unlock code, select yes and use enter your unlock code.

    4) You Blackberry is unlocked and you can now use it with any GSM carrier supported by the frequency bands of your Blackberry Curve 9320 / 9220.

    If the first method to use the unlock code is not available there is another way to unlock your Blackberry Curve 9320:

    1) From the menu go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Sim Card

    2) From the "Sim card" screen press the button: M E P D

    3) The screen that will be opened is the "SIM card Personalization Screen", you will see there are the SIM locks of your Blackberry.
    If the "Service provider" is active - hold the [ALT] key and type MEP4
    if the "Network" is active - hold the [ALT] key and type MEP2

    4) a request for the unlock code will be displayed, type the unlock code and press enter.

    5) your Blackberry will be restarted and unlocked.

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    That isn't what I needed to do when I got my unlock code. All I did was turn my phone on with a different SIM card and boom - entered my unlock code in the box and it was unlocked.

    You can even see the instructions I followed here Unlock Blackberry Curve 9320

    Your way just sounds like a headache.
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    Nice sharing.
    Here i want to share my own unlocking experience.
    Recently i unlocked my mobile phone using an unlock code.It's the best way to unlock my mobile phone.i bought my unlock code from Here i unlocked my mobile phone within a day.
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    Unlock blackberry

    using the mep method to unlock blackberry is by far the most accurate way to get an unlock anyone who is unsure you can read further here
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