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Thread: Unlock 9780

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    Unlock 9780

    Hi all.. I would be very glad if you could unlock my BB 9780 for me. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by izacchongthu View Post
    Hi all.. I would be very glad if you could unlock my BB 9780 for me. Thanks
    If you are wanting your device unlocked so you can use it with different carriers, take a look at
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    Blackberry unlocking - Bold 9780

    Unlocking a Blackberry device is done by using a MEP unlocking code which you can get from your carrier or from any unlocking service (online or stores).

    Basically, it's very simple to unlock a Blackberry mobile phone but you need to use the right unlock code (which is unique from each Blackberry device) because you have only 10 attempts to unlock it.

    Today you can find many unlocking services online which are cheap and fast by calculating the right unlock code for your Blackberry device.. some services are instant unlocking services for blackberry unlocking and they send you the unlock code directly to your email instantly after you order it... the calculation is done by carrier and model selection with your IMEI number which you can find by dialing *#06# from your Blackberry Bold 9780 mobile device.

    After you get the unlock code you need to remove the SIM lock security which is activated on your device..
    You need to go into the "Options" of your Blackberry Bold 9780 and select "Advanced Options" then select "SIM card".
    While on the SIM CARD screen just type "MEPD", it will show you the screen of the securities which are activated on your Blackberry Bold 9780 device.

    Most likely you will see the "Network" security activated (it will show "Active"/"Disabled" status next to each line).
    Then just type "MEP2", it will pop an input where you will be asked to enter your unlock code for your Blackberry.
    Each line is other security, if the "service provider" is the one that is active then type "MEP4" (used mostly on WIND and BELL devices)... after the code is accepted restart your Blackberry and then you can use it with any SIM card from any GSM carrier world wide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by izacchongthu View Post
    Hi all.. I would be very glad if you could unlock my BB 9780 for me. Thanks
    You can visit this site get the mepcode and unlock your Blackberry 9780. To get the mep code,you also need to specify the following details IMEI number, network service provider and country it is locked now.Then they send unlock code through mail.
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