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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Jerde View Post
    BlackBerry Bold (9930/9900) Unlock Code Entry Instructions

    Option 1:
    1. Insert not accepted SIM card in your phone (SIM card that is not of your carrier).
    2. Turn your BlackBerry handset on. This will prompt you (enter network mep code) to enter the unlock code.
    3. Once you enter the unlock code, your BlackBerry will be unlocked.

    Option 2:

    1. Turn off all of the wireless connections (manage connections - turn all connections off)
    2. Go to Options
    3. Select Device
    4. Select Advanced System Settings (at the bottom of the page)
    5. Select Sim Card
    6. Enter mepd (you will not be able to see the typed info)
    7. Now enter the following while holding down ALT... mep2
    8. Now it will say enter network mep code
    9. Enter the unlock code given to you.
    10. Your Bold 9900/9930 is now unlocked!
    11. Reboot device... go to manage connections... click on 'restore connections'.
    Thanks for your nice information. If you want to unlock your blackberry bold 9930 and 9900 you can visit this site get the unlock code and unlock your blackberrybold 9930 and 9900 easily.
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    UnLock Code

    Quote Originally Posted by ghostryder View Post
    First, you can get a free unlock code from here. freemyblackberryDOTcom
    They are a straight forward company and I got my unlock code in about an hour, but they say that it could take 24 hrs.
    Once you get the code, let us know and we'll get you the rest of the information to get your device unlocked.
    So I tried the site yesterday, entered the info and it said we no longer send email with the free. Tried today enter the same info and it said error imei already in our database. Entered the info in the tracking page and it displayed my unlocking code. Followed the instruction and unlocked my BB9930. Only one thing I put a t-mobile sim in but had to change the network setting to 2g 3g before it would find t-mobile. Great when I get some leftover in a prepaid card I will donate. freemyblackberryDOTcom thanks much.

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    There are some other professional unlocking website like unlock2go[.]com which support most the Blackberry models. I had already used their service and I am so happy to avail their service.

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