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So what's the rest of the things that available to change (under ##000000)? Looks like there's pESN (Dec) and pESN (HEX). Also mobile country code, network code, SID, NID.

Something that I see that caught my eye is:

SIP User ID: [phonenumber]@vzw3g.com
MIP USer ID: [phonenumber]@vzw3g.com

The domain "@vzw3g.com" is from Verizon. Wouldn't I have to change it to At&t? And what would be the domain for At&t? I'm curious to know because whenever I try to go through the "Setup Email" it rejects my username/pass, although when I go here it lets me log in!
I am pretty familar with this menu. However, don't go changing things if you don't know as joshjamie said you can mess up your BB. It would be fixable but a nightmare lol.. I would suggest changing this though.. Use (yournumber@wap.cingular.com), this should fix your email setup issue and if you were having browser issues this will fix that as well