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    Think it is time to jump up and down with joy as all is working 100% still aftera couple of days

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    Wow I'm having a somewhat similar issue and could really use your help in undertaking a similar service book hack.

    I'm running an unlocked blackberry storm 9550 on Israel's Cellcom service. I set up BIS with Cellcom however as soon as my service was connected the Blackberry browser disappeared. I resent service books and did the Host Routing Table thing plus numerous battery pulls and everytime i do the same thing happens: The browser reappears for literally a second and then its gone again. The Browser shows under installed applications but Browser Configuration under Advanced Options is blank and when i hold down the menu button to show my running apps and try to click on the browser i get the following message "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. Please contact your service provider." Cellcom is closed until Sunday and while normally i would just wait a few days something else odd happened which makes me think there might be another issue - Upon activation with Cellcom a new icon popped up called "blackberry Help" which clicking on takes me to the blackberry help website and from there I have full access to my BB browser and can use the BB browser normally. Clearly I have the web capability but for some reason my phone is not recognizing the BB browser.

    Furthermore, since my phone is WiFi capable shouldn't I at least have a WiFi browser available?

    I was able to download both opera mini and Bolt to my phone and both work but I don't like the layout of either and I just want my native BB browser back. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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