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Hmm. Well that blows they can't push that to your tour...let me see if I can find an extended program guide for hybrid PRL.

Lol. Sorry, Im not trying to come across like that. Your right on your end...but just because he changes his OS doesn't mean that he can't keep his hybrid PRL. From what I understand anyway...I know that most carriers can push hybrid PRLs to phones(but from what he just told me Sprint is having problems with this) Thats all that I was trying to get at lol.

And VZW releases PRLs about every 30-60 days--but me being in an Alltel market there are constant changes being made to the network. I find that my service is better if I do a *228 every 2-3 days.

I think I will just let you guys handle this lol. You seem to know more about this than me.

your fine.. you may have caught me at a bad point today.. dont be afraid to post .. PRL stuff is hard to get