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    Blackberry Tour 9630 Sound Profile Problems

    For anyone who has a Tour and it is playing the wrong sounds for different messages randomly, I may have a solution for you. I haven't seen any posts on this forum but I have on others.

    My roommate purchased a Tour at the same time I did. We did the device switch wizard to get his information from his Curve 8310, but when he would change his sound profile on his new Tour to play a different BB tone (not a custom one), he would sometimes hear the original tone that came with it. He also experienced the same problem with a custom profile as well. I was not experiencing these issues, so I took the challenge to find the problem.

    We did a backup/memory wipe and even a backup/full wipe and still did not fix the problems that we have been having. I called Verizon, we had the phone DOA replaced and did the device switch wizard again. Some people that were having this issue did manage to have this fix the problem, but for some reason my roommate still had the problem.

    After putting my head together with Servovestri, we decided to try one last thing. I backed up the databases (just in case), performed a sync to get the information on the computer, wiped and reinstalled, and synced the information back instead of doing the restore. It did fix the problem, so we determined it was in the databases that were being restored on the new devices.

    Curious, I reloaded his old databases and cleared out his sound profiles database. It has been over an hour and every text and blackberry message he has received (and he does receive a lot) has played the correct sound.

    Moral of the story: If you are having random sounds played on your Blackberry, clear your sound profiles database under BBDM->Backup/Restore->Advanced and give that a shot. It's a lot easier than replacing your Blackberry.

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    Great post and thanks for sharing!

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    this didnt work for me, so i backed up my phone, deleted the profiles options from the backup file using desktop manager, saved the bew backup file, then restored my blackberry using that, so now my blackberry only has the sounds options and not the profiles one, so hopefully it will work now

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