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    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73
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    Yes, I sold my Storm on eBay today. Got $250.00 big ones for it. Took my money to best buy and upgraded to the Blackberry Tour!! I had been considering doing this for a while now, but I wanted to wait and see what the Storm 2 was going to look like. Very disappointed in it. WiFi and the new screen will be nice but I don't think there's a device out there that can rival typing on the Tour or the Bold. Very nice...

    Girlfriend has had a tour for about 3 weeks now and I've been playing with hers. Here's a list of things that sold me:

    1) Loud Speaker!! (so nice to be able to listen to music on the job site)
    2) Keyboard is second to none
    3) Memory is amazing
    4) Camera takes way nicer photos
    5) Battery Life is slightly better for me

    Obviously I wish there were some better themes but time will cure that. Very happy with my Tour, if there are any of you teetering on the edge, I hope this post has helped you make your choice!
    I really like the Tour it's a great phone and am glad I got it. But installing V8 and now 5.0 has made me second guess using the Tour as my daily driver. I find 5.0 is just as fast as the Tour and memory is absolutely ridiculous. In 24 hours of heavy abuse memory has dropped .1mb and battery is still going strong.

    I am a little disappointed with the Tours keyboard. It is much stiffer than I expected. While the 8900 is smaller, I find it much easier to type on it as opposed to the Tour. I also have large hands and trying to navigate the small keyboard of the Tour has been somewhat annoying.

    I think the Tour is without doubt a nice phone but the line between it and the Storm narrowed significantly since installing V8 and the
    I couldn't get v5.0.0.140 to work on my Storm. Well actually it worked & most of my apps ran but I was getting errors at boot (don't remember them) from a fresh wipe & install. My problems were Profiles & Media did not display and timed out. I tried it with my SD card out but still didn't work. Even though the Profiles did not work the sounds were correct. After that install I wiped & only installed the OS, no SD & had the same problems (wondered what the "Files" app did but nothing there either).


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    I have to say I am enjoying the Tour as well. The Storm is a good first gen touch for BlackBerry, the Storm 2 is going to be even better. Right now I just wanted more memory and a physical keyboard does come in handy at times. The size is actually within tenths of an inch to the 9530 so all of my cases still fit.

    I will very likely get the Storm two given it will also have the memory I want and I can swap between then as needed.

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