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    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    Well it's not really a fair comparison with TMO, Sun, as you're on edge and VZW users are on 3G.
    Exactly my point. Verizon's 3G network is fast as heck compared to EDGE on T-Mobile. But I guess you get what you pay for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    If you still have 5.0 on it I would be curious to see what your numbers are.
    Well I did my 9530 on the 5.0 OS...It wasn't anything tho brag about. I think max download was 363.xx Kbits/s and I was around 354.xx Kbits/s. Max upload was 316.xx Kbits/s and I was around 273.xx Kbits/s.

    My 9630 max download is 462.xx Kbits/s and it tested at 421.xx Kbits/s. Max upload was set for 359.xx Kbits/s and tested out at 304.xx Kbits/s.

    EDIT***Just did my 9530 in town...Earlier results were taken from rural areas.
    Running 5.0 OS Download is 450.xx Kbits/s and Upload is 370.xx Kbits/s...
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    This has got to be a record for me ... seemed amazingly zippy, so figured a good time to run the test!! Located about 32 miles north of Detroit.

    This was with the Tour tethered to a Dell laptop.
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    I got 800 down, 280 up. I will try again and update later. BTW this is on Sprint 3g.

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    I got:

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg. Download Speed: 260.56Kbits/s
    Max. Download Speed: 364.98Kbits/s

    Avg. Upload Speed: 221.22Kbits/s
    Max. Upload Speed: 285.71Kbits/s

    I believe something is wrong with my tour, that was with maybe -101 dbm, i tried the same test right by a telus cell tower with -80 dbm and i got maybe 100kbits/s more or less, i mean with full signal i should be seeing way more than that.... I also noticed in my house, same area at the my desk, i tested my curve 8330 before i switched to the tour and the tour is maybe 50kbits/s faster than my curve. Except the curve was rev 0 this is rev a so that cant be right can it?

    I am re loading the stock software again right now and will see if that fixes it...

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