I got:

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 260.56Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 364.98Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 221.22Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 285.71Kbits/s

I believe something is wrong with my tour, that was with maybe -101 dbm, i tried the same test right by a telus cell tower with -80 dbm and i got maybe 100kbits/s more or less, i mean with full signal i should be seeing way more than that.... I also noticed in my house, same area at the my desk, i tested my curve 8330 before i switched to the tour and the tour is maybe 50kbits/s faster than my curve. Except the curve was rev 0 this is rev a so that cant be right can it?

I am re loading the stock software again right now and will see if that fixes it...