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I agreee with you about the 9630, it will most likely be a more solid (pertaining to software) and durable product. We have decided to wait until its release so that I can compare the two. I'm a bit intrigued with the larger screen and touch part of the Storm. I am mainly going to be using it as a phone, occasional email, and syncing my crazy schedule with my hubbies. The larger screen seems like an asset if I'm just futzing around on it....However, my hubby has to have a more "power user" friendly phone that is reliable and can handle complex emails and tasks. The 9630 is 100% for him. Meanwhile, I will be lurking on this site and gleaning as much as I can so that I am prepared.... This is a fun community with some brilliant minds....
Thanks for the quick replies!
Thats what we are here for. Some people say they love their storm still. Personally, I don't like it anymore. I hate typing on it. I now miss the full physical keyboard. I can not wait for this release. I just hope it does not let us down.