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    Tour quick feedback

    I'll keep this short and sweet, this is coming from having two different tours in my hands and then getting feedback from the users and myself.

    Tour 1:
    Trackball is defective upon arrival. I turned up the sensitivity to 100 to just be able to use it. Got it bes activated (took along time). After the bes activation the device kept wanting to "build some sort of network profile" and just froze the device and required a battery pull. End result, it's going back to sprint as a bad unit.

    Tour 2:
    Trackball works, I enterprise activate the device (once again took a long time) and handed it to my user. Today he reports a few things. He believes the device is a bit laggy in some aspects. If the device is dimmed, and he pushes a button to bring up the lock screen it lags for about 3 seconds before pulling up the locked screen. Then when he enters his pw it lags another 3 seconds before actually unlocking. He also said there's a little lag when scrolling through icons with the trackball. He also said some of the default settings are sticking and it's nothing our bes is locking down. If he chooses to display things in a long menu vs a short menu it always defaults back to the long menu or something, didn't really understand what he was talking about. But it almost sounds like this user would prefer the 8830 back.

    In the long run, i'm not to impressed with this device. I would take my storm (which I do have) over this device anytime, and the bold for that matter.

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    Thanks for letting us know your experience with the Tour.

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    my tour has been flawless from day one. a little loose battery cover but thats not gonna stop me, i love my tour!

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    ...i have one of them :)
    I had some dead pixels on my first one, it was replaced no questions asked and the new one has been flawless since, and the battery door is TIGHT

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