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Thread: Multi FRU info

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    Multi FRU info

    ok so ive been reading alot of ppl that have traded in their storms for replacement. i know its a pain but if u have met this requirement of 3 phones with issues that arent your fault ie (memory leaks, os issues, etc) within 90 days ur entitles to a muiltifru policy. what they tell you is of equal or lesser value when they use their price comparison matrix. what they dont tell you is that you can get any phone on multifru policy with paying the price difference. csr's are like robots at points. they dont think, they just do as they are told. if you tell them that about the multifru policy and paying the differnce to the 2 yr contract price they will let u do it. i did that when i went from my lg dare to my lg versa. all i had to do was i had the phone replaced 3 times in the 90 days and had to pay the price difference. that was it. so give that a try to ur next call to 611.
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    Thanks for the info. I got them to swap mine at no charge but that's considering that I had issues with many storms since November 21st
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