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Thread: Goodbye 9630!!

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    Obviously, VZW is focused on Android whether it be the Droid or Nexus One and RIM is no longer their top smartphone provider. Had RIM stayed on top of their game, they wouldn't have been dumped by VZW for the hotter Android. But they didn't - something that is becoming more and more apparent. RIM is in big time trouble and they only have themselves to blame. Maybe they'll start by actually testing their devices before mass producing them wity obvious major flaws (i.e. Storm1 screen, Tour trackball). I don't hear these types of complaints or poor decisions being made on the Droid or Eris or Devour. And if the rumors are true and VZW does get the iPhone soon, then VZW might as well sound the death knoll for RIM. RIM meet Palm, Palm meet RIM.

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    Yeah it's disturbing to see the 9630 go so quickly. I have one myself, had to have the phone replaced once w/ a new one due to bad trackball. I had to wait for mine to be delivered by FedEx, but my fiance came in to VZW the other day to have his replaced too (trackball issues), & they gave him a new phone from the store stock on the same day he walked in. I guess they really are getting rid of them as quickly as they can.

    It's kinda upsetting after dropping a lot of money on 2 Tours, to see the 9650(?) be the Tour replacement not long after the they came out. Oh well, come next upgrade I might check the 9650 or whatever is new out, I love my Tour, I just want one exactly like it but with wifi too :P Hopefully RIM stays at the top so us VZW users can upgrade to newer and better devices because I def. do not want an iPhone or Android.

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