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    Quote Originally Posted by NICKJAINES View Post
    sure did beat ya, I recommend you calling also cuz they tried to tell me it was only in my area but i told them it was going on in la and arizona its not a zip code based outage.
    It happened to me while on vacation in Washington DC, this past weekend and then several times at home in Chicago, IL. I am getting to the point where I truely hate this phone.

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    Unfortunately, you can't hate the phone because of the provisioning, you have to hate the leaked build. I have a Sprint 9630 and an AT&T Bold 9000. The Bold 9000 had a release which would cause the phone to continue to enter a reboot loop once the radio was turned on. Build related only.

    I am really surprised with the other phones already at a build number that the Tour hasn't seen another build since. The phone is probably on the EOL list with the 9650 waiting to be released. I really hope Sprint/VZW do the right thing and allow early upgrades at no cost. Just had to replace the 9630 because it wouldn't provision to Sprint's network or update the PRL. The boot time alone is enough to want to make you beat a RIM employee.

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    goto desktop manager and update to the new sprint OS

    and its official!
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