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    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    Very sad IMO. To not have released a 5.0 OS for the tour is just not right. I just am not buying that a OS 5 isn't ready for the device.
    Quote Originally Posted by TemperamentalMan View Post
    Neither am I. I hate the fact that so many Tour users are sitting and waiting for this update.
    I have to agree with both of you. This is a sad update, I find it very disappointing that VZW would not have pushed this to at least 230 as official. I am aware that it has a couple of quirks but what released os albeit leaked or official doesnt have bugs. I mean for god sake the released the Storm with 65... So imo, any release up to 230 would have been better than what they currently have. I am sure it is something political, either on RIM's or VZW's part. Just my .02 worth....

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    I think it may have to do with the tethering from 328 which was supposed to be released the same time as it was for the storm.
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