96xx [FREE] iBlack v2 [Color]
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    96xx [FREE] iBlack v2 [Color]

    Almost everything is customized. I did my best finishing as much of it tonight as possible. Unfortunately I just don't have the time and effort in me to continue creating themes.
    College just started, 5 classes 2 days a week (9 a.m. - 7 p.m.) and then work 5 days a week.
    Report any bugs and I will solve them when I get a chance.
    Today Plus With Hidden Dock
    Customizable Home Screen Bottom Dock Icons.
    Red to Blue Rollover
    Transparent mesh which looks great with any wallpapers.

    ^The blue buttons there indicate it is a bottom dock^ Your top 6 Apps will show there
    Thanks to all my beta tester who donated their time in helping me complete this. I'm sorry if I didn't take all your suggestions but as I said I took some time tonight to finish this as fast as possible.

    OTA: http://tourthemes.com/free-themes/si...day-plus-theme

    If I can't link to my personal Blog then I'll post ota links. However I do update/add new versions so it's much easier to do it in a centralized location rather then having to go to 5+ sites and editing each post.
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    Looks great :fing02:

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    really nice theme! love the color

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