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    Blackberry 9860 Infinite Restart Nuked, HELPP!!!

    Yesterday morning I awoke to my phone with a black screen and constant red LED started flashing on & off about every 10 seconds. Now what it's doing is the reboot loop - LED on, black screen and repeats itself.

    I've read the guide on how to recover a nuked BB, I have tried battery pull, battery discharge, connect to DM but does not stay connected, just a constant connec/disconnect sound.

    I have attempted to use Loader in apploader but my issue that I simply CANNOT get it to say USB-PIN:UNKNOWN. It only says USB-PIN:¨my pin¨. There isn't even a split second where it says unknown so I can't proceed.

    When I attempt to go through with the Loader as it being my pin and not unknown, it gets stuck at Reconnecting to JVM (because the phone is constantly rebooting).


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    just replace your battery.


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