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    blackberry themes 9860/9850

    Restart your device or pull the battery right after you activate the theme for the first time to clear the theme cache or your icon arrangement may not be saved;
    On some devices, you may find some blank media icons(music, picture etc.), just hide them, they are not REAL apps;
    If you find your “media”or “favourite” tab not working, go to theme option , and reset the theme setting;
    If you find any Bug or have suggestions, use feedback to contact me, I can’t send reply to any question in the review.


    • OS5 icons
    • Perfect Asian language support
    • Perfect OS7 support
    • Simple and fast

    Support: 9220/9320/9330//9350/9360/9370/9380/9790/9810/9860/9860/9900/9930/9981
    OS: 7
    Design themems: AlmostDone

    OTA themes

    source: Interview questions and answers pdf
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