I have the Blackberry Torch 9800. I registered my account for both computer and phone for Appworld. After logging in to both, it wont stay logged in, instead presenting the SIGN IN button again. When trying to login to computer appworld, it says you must first login on the phone. However, like I said, it wont stay logged in, on either the phone or the computer. I DO NOT have a BIS account. I heard that is required for logging in to Appworld. Why should I be required to have BIS? I just want to download the software! This is making my Blackberry experience a horrible one.

On the phone, after logging in, it whows Im logged in, because it presents the "Blackberry ID - Details" screen and that my email is confirmed. After I click DONE, it goes back to the "Sign in to Blackberry ID" page again. Why does it ask me to login again, after I just logged in, putting me in an endless circular loop?

On the computer, after attempting to log in to Blackberry World, it says,
Browse BlackBerry World

Welcome to the BlackBerry World catalog on the web.
To sign into the web catalog, you must first sign into the BlackBerry World application on your BlackBerry smartphone, using your newly created BlackBerry ID.
When purchasing or downloading items for your BlackBerry device, you will be required to complete the request directly on your device.

It still shows the SIGN IN button above, meaning it didnt sign me in.

Ultimately, I am trying to download the software to undelete all the contacts that were deleted due to a confusing sync screen that didnt clearly specify all the contacts on the phone would be deleted. However, do download the software, its forcing me to register and login to both the computer and the phone.