Hello everyone

I have had a Torch 9800 for about 2.5 years, a couple of days ago I faced a terrible problem, and that's when I open the slide the screen goes wrong, the menus are mixed, the colors too, i can't see what i'm typing, the lock screen button doesn't work when the slide is open or you have to try for several times or close the slide, lock the screen and the unlock it.

I thought it's the OS, because i haven't upgraded it for about a year and half, so i upgraded it last night, but the problem still exist, whenever i poen the slide everything goes wrong. Sometimes when i'm talking on the phone (as you know when talking on handset, the screen goes black as there's something on the light sensor) the screen doesn't return to normal and it's still black, again i have to close the slide, press the lock screen button several times so i can see what's happening.

Honestly i don't like my BB without its keyboard, and in this situation, i can't use the keyboard or i can't distinguish a thing on the screen, so any ideas please? any solutions maybe?