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    9800 torch

    Torch 9800 os issue on O2 uk network

    Hi, hope someone can help, here's the issue
    about a week ago I got the JVM error on my bb torch 9800, using dm I wiped the handset and reinstalled the software successfully. Then today around 5 days later, I got the app error 606, I plugged handset into pc and tried to do the same as before but got an error message and now I have only a black screen on the handset with a red light that keeps flashing twice. I now cannot turn on the phone and dm will not recognise it to allow me to install new software. Can this be fixed any help is appreciated.

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    For BlackBerry Device Software 7.0 and earlier, please ensure that the BlackBerry smartphone is running the most current version of BlackBerry Device Software.

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