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    raikkohad v6 for 9300/9670/97xx/9800 with os files

    Raikkohad V6 (Hybrid For Multi Device (9800,97XX also 9300 + 91XX)Thanks for all support and good feedback from all..Now.. We introduced the new version….Let’s Enjoy Begin…… Mix Java : Screen/Apps Version/Platform: / / Download & Install your selected device OS(Only Using Base 706)Example: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700a_v6.0.0.666_P6.6.0.241\2. Delete "VENDOR.XML" in folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader\3. Delete all Files & Folder in the base OS, for example: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700a_v6.0.0.666_P6.6.0.241\4. Download, Extract, copy and paste the downloaded file as per your device (Ex: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700a_v6.0.0.666_P6.6.0.241\ 5. Fully backup your blackberry with desktop manager, with radios off.6. Backup your apps using VNBButil/BBMC/BBSAK 7. Wipe your device with JL_CMDR / BBSAK / VNBBUtil8. Run C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader\loader.exe9. Select what you need to install carefully to optimise free memory.10. After initial booting (Radios still OFF)... run a few second.... then do a battery pull11. With Radios OFF - restore your Apps Backup... 12. With radios off, restore your apps and .ipd backup with BDM and then do a battery pull.13. Final Check All your data and apps all available as u want.14. Then do another battery pull. Before you turn your Radios/Wifi back ON,.15. Enjoy your hybrid, give it a minimum of 4 hours before you do another battery pull.13. For best result, do 3 battery pulls a day, 6 hours apart for the first 48 hours.for 9700 device9700.rarfor 9780 9780.rarfor 98009800.rarfor 9100& 9300 java cods only For 9300 + 91XX+9670 .rarFor info: USER WILL BE FEEL SLUGGISH for 1ST 3-4HOURS AFTER INSTALLATION.- BUT AFTER A FEW BATT PULL OUT….. THE PERFORMANCE AND STABILITY WILL BEGIN…- JUST BE PATIENT…. __________________thank to everyone have a good dayeli barash
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    Nice, one of the first OS 7.1 hybrids I've seen.

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