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    Moby D!ck as told by a BlackBerry Torch user

    It seems like there is no letting up from Research In Motion when it comes to pumping out new commercials for the new BlackBerry Torch. I have to say that I can not recall such an ad campaign like this before. I know when the Storm came out there were quite a few ads, but nothing like the blitz the BlackBerry Torch is getting currently.

    This new commercial really takes a whole different approach from the other BlackBerry Torch ads which tended to be more business and somewhat consumer orientated. The new ad really shows a completely consumer orientated side. It tells the story of Moby D!ck using BlackBerry 6 and other apps on the BlackBerry Torch using the Media Player, Facebook, BBM, BBM Groups, and the browser.

    What do you think of RIM's new BlackBerry Torch ad?

    Due to website filtering Moby D!ck had to be spelled using an exclamation point.
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