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    New BlackBerry Torch Commercial

    It looks like RIM's marketing is still hard at work trying to promote the BlackBerry Torch. A new BlackBerry Torch commercial has popped up on the BlackBerry YouTube page called "Courier and DJ - Love what you do". This commercial features the new WebKit browser showing how the tabs feature work. The ad also features the built in Media Player highlighting the playlists.

    With softer than expected sales of the BlackBerry Torch, it seems that RIM is spending a lot of money in the creating and airing of these ads trying to boost interest and sales of the BlackBerry Torch. At this point in the game I am left wondering if RIM can actually hit a home run with the Torch, or will they just end up striking out? Time will tell if a beefed up ad campaign will help at this point. If the Torch would of hit all the carriers with it's launch I think it would have done a lot better.

    What do you think about RIM's Torch ad campaign? Is it a day late and a dollar short or can they pull it off?

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    Hello friends,,,,,,,This is sneha here, I like very much, New BlackBerry Torch Commercial..........That's great full set..........Tanks lot......

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