One of the most reliable news men, Salomandrin, has recently let everyone know that the 9800 Slider will potentially be released in white as well as the traditional black. Of course he hasn't confirmed this yet, placing it in our rumors section. However, if it prevails to be legit, it certainly is a rumor I'll enjoy!

Everyone has their own preferences and color certainly makes it on the top of the list for specific preferences. I myself know when I got my 8520, I wanted a white one over a black one; I of course settled with black because color has in no way influence on the performance of a blackberry. This all just goes to show that personality and customization has high influence on smart phones now-a-days.

If the 9800 Slider is released with the white display as well as black, will it be released simultaneously with the black version? Or will it cruelly be held back?