This is hopefully some reassuring news that we could be seeing the BlackBerry 9800 in the near future! Recently these parts have been discovered within Truesupplier. I wonder if Truesupplier is trying to simply get ahead of the game? Or does RIM like teasing us and telling Truesupplier to put them up now, just to make us wonder? Either way, with the previous times we've seen this happen it's always ended with someone buying new parts for their device that released not but a month or two after the parts popped up online!

I'm not 100% sure about everyone else, but I do think the 9800 is going to be the device to temporarily pull RIM out of the gutter and give them a chance take the spotlight. It's new, different, a combination of multiple devices instead of simply changing a part and re-branding it. Exactly the device RIM needs to start pumping out to get ahead, lets just hope they don't rush it out otherwise I see this device being their downfall instead!

So how about it? What do you guy's think? Is Truesupplier helping us out by supporting the (for lack of better word) time line we have? Also, do you guy's think the 9800 is going to be the uprise or downfall of RIM? There is a lot to talk about, I would love to see some discussion here!