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    Sfx Theme

    SFX offers a choice of more than 100 banner combinations to enhance your home-screens appearance. A new and unique panel that is accessible from the homescreen allows you to choose from 6 color swatches, 4 gradient styles, the indispensable black and white frames and options to lighten or darken the color. You can choose upto 3 styles at a time to get that perfect contrast or to make it blend in with your walls.

    The panel also provides toggles for hiding the dock and OCD slot (when the dock is turned off, the homescreen is divided into 4 hotspots ie. the first 4 icons on your app screen, as shown in the screenshots), changing the dock text to black or white, and turning wifi on/off. The Wifi toggle launches the connection manager and also animates to on or off.

    * Full trackpad support
    * User defined fonts
    * Custom application and call screens

    Buy Now: $5.99

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