Quick story short. My 9810 was having charging issues, I sent off and got my device back stating that it was not fixable. I pop my battery in and I get a white screen an error. I'll post a pic!

So I bring it home and slap it into my Desktop Software and I get an error stating that it needs to do and update. So I let it. and while its trying to reconnect to the device I get an JVM error.

I have done a ton of research, and downloaded JL_Comder, no luck there. I even downloaded an older copy of Desktop Manager (unfortunately the only app loader it has is in the program itself) and still, no luck. all I get its it looks great up until it tries to reconnect with my device.

I am at my wits end. The device went down after my 30 day return so this things is still new and is now a paper weight Lets see if you guys can help :D-imag0149-jpg