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Torch 2, GSM, 512MB. Got it.

However, does this mean that the pride of the fleet is launching in CDMA first? Then GSM to follow? With the GSM Dakota version running 512MB because its not needed? This sounds a bit cheap to me. And more than a little unsettling.
Think of it this way. The Droid X device has a 1 Ghz processor and 512mb ram on a CDMA device. The Torch 2 has 1.2 Ghz processor with 512mb ram on GSM. By the comparison the Torch 2 is more of a powerhouse.

And a side note: Has 6.1 fixed their memory bleed?
We hope so. Won't know the answer to that until the device is officially released with it's current OS.

Seriously, I've beta tested every single 9700 BB6 version, and they all hemmorage eventually. I've tried 9780/ (horrible OS), 480 very nice, but eventually slows down a bit and frequent memory boosts and battery pulls are required. And now I'm on 9780/ Good off the mark. We shall see if its stable.
Let's hope these next few will start to level out any memory issues. Also, another thing that can cause memory issues is poorly made apps.