Application and theme company, Magmic, have reported that they have been able to successfully load themes onto BlackBerry 7 devices. They said that they were still limited to what they could do, but that they may have some full themes after a bit more tweaking around. If you remember, RIM came out and publicly and said that the Theme Studio software for BlackBerry 7 devices would not become available until about mid-year 2012. So it's no surprise to see some developers trying to push to get themes on the new OS to subdue the hungry theme attics.

However, if you remember back in August of 2009, Bplay was able to modify Plazmic Theme Builder to allow for themes to work on the Tour 9630 device. RIM came out with a statement that condemned the actions, calling it tampering with the software and a violation of the license agreement. Should RIM put a stop to this recent attempt by Magmic to push ahead before RIM releases the official software?