Can something minimalist also be transformational, or is this mere paradox? With Carbon from HedoneDesign, the simple becomes shockingly vibrant. Taking its cue from the basics -- a timeless circle, an abundant element -- Carbon imprints itself upon your BlackBerry in a whirl of dark elegance, its select features like shards of light fanned across your screen. And you get not one but two home screens one informational, one practical. At once clear yet surprising, Carbon brings a perfect balance of form and function that will resonate with you on a primal level.

  • Home - hide menu and show clock, date and other information.
  • Escape key - show menus
  • Shift + R - open first (middle) slot
  • DFK - see our web site for details
  • Battery - left half circle
  • Signal - right half circle
  • WiFi - inner right half circle

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