Take control of your device like never before. Aura's highly intuitive design makes it easy to customize your homescreen. Also features Bbt's Signature Options Panel.

  • - Easy to use.
  • - Includes a link to the Aura FAQ section!
  • - Entirely flexible homescreen, just click the arrows
  • - Hideable weather slot, hideable sliding dock and hideable today area.
  • - Dynamic Today Area - Swipe left/right to reveal more items (available on Touch and Non-touch!)
  • - Banner is clickable - Notifications, Clock, Signal, Battery and Profiles!
  • - Crisp, high-quality graphics.
  • - Bbt's Options Panel lets you customize the color and transparency of your homescreen!
  • - Available with OS6.1 icons or custom icons.
  • - Hand-coded homescreen means Aura is fast, flexible and clean!

Price was $5.99 - get it now for only $3.00!