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    Free Theme - 9700/9630/Storm/Storm2/9000/85xx - Hello Kitty Shopping

    Sorry for the 24 hour delay, we had some kinks to straighten out.

    Today's Theme Thursday review is a good one for the ladies. The theme being reviewed is a Double Zen Hello Kitty Shopping theme. If you are like my wife and you to love go shopping, you may find this theme "cute". That's what my wife said when she saw the main image, "oohh that's so cute!". Hopefully you have the same taste as my wife and you will love this theme, as well. Like last week, this is also a FREE Theme!

    Remember that each Thursday I will be picking one theme for an extensive review. I will be picking themes that are free or very cheap and each week I will rotate my selection of themes. Last week was Smooth Operator and today my review is based on a Light Pink Ladies free theme. Next week I am planning on reviewing a theme for all our Sports Fan readers out there. If you know of or own any themes that you would like reviewed, please feel free to email me:

    Today's theme has been made for 9700/9630/Storm/Storm2/9000/85xx devices. It is one for the ladies out there and might be a trend setter if a guy were to rock this theme. Hello Kitty Shopping Theme, Created by CoolBlackberryThemes, is one that the ladies are sure to love.

    The home page of this theme is both practical, useful, stylish and cute. With the double zen icon layout the user can get many of their favorite icons on the front page. It is very easy to navigate around the home page and get to all of your icons. The designer has even put a nice Animated feel to the icons, they bounce up and down, when you move your cursor on them. I personally think the front page layout is great and if I were a girl, I might rock this theme!

    The next part of the theme I would like to discuss is the menu. I am a big fan of being original, and the font in this theme does just that. It is simple yet very stylish and quirky. It works for the theme and is not an eye sore. Even though I am a big fan of the font, I am not a fan of the highlighter in the menu. As you can see in the 4th and 5th images below, the highlighter is green. It is understandable that the green is there to mesh with Hello Kitty's clothes on the main page, however the green stands out too much in other menus. I think a dull pink or bright pink would have done better here.

    As for the icons of the theme, I think they are great. They flow well with the themes background and color scheme, as well as matching each other throughout the theme. I even thought the volume icon on the call screen was very creative. Green again, but still creative. The only complaint I have about the icons, have to do with the media icons. Music, Pictures and Movies are all Apple icons? As seen in image 6, they almost seem out of place and just thrown into the theme. Plus, we are all blackberry lovers!! Why would we want apple's logo in our theme? lol

    • Double Zen - 8 Slots Total
    • Animated Icons on Front Page
    • Simple, yet Stylish, Menu Font
    • Nice Call Screen Layout w/ Customer Heart Icon
    • Matching Default Icons
    • Smooth Movement


    Although this is a VERY girlie theme, it is one that is very smooth, responsive and functional. I personally would not use it lol, but I would have no problem loading this to my wife's phone. Download yourself and give it a go!
    All links are directed towards CoolBlackberryThemes, it is a great site. There is not much more I can say about this theme other then, check out the specs and download it for yourself. The theme is free, so it does not hurt to test the theme out, even if you are a guy! lol I have given this theme a 4 out of 5 stars. Make sure to keep your eye out for my next review!

    4 out of 5 Stars
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