Theme Posting Rules and Guidelines -

• If you are selling your theme on MobiHand please make sure it is linked to the BlackBerryOS MobiHand Store. If the link is a generic MobiHand link, the BlackberryOS staff reserves the right to change it to our store link. In the event this happens, the theme developer will be notified via Private Message.

• No free trials allowed unless they are affiliated with the BlackBerryOS MobiHand Store.

• Unaffiliated products that are linking and selling to outside websites will be taken down immediately.

• Make sure to post your thread in the appropriate Forum

• Make sure to title your thread with the device and title of your theme (ex. 95xx: BlackberryOS Theme)

• Make sure you include in the post: device compatibility and OS compatibility (ex. 95xx BlackberryOS Theme OS 4.7)

Your theme post MUST include screenshots
o You can upload images using the 'manage attachments' button, host your own images on a photo sharing site, or use the photo album feature under My Control Panel

o To post images using a photo sharing site, simply take the image code, click the square with the mountain/moon in the toolbar and paste your image code in the space provided

o All images can't be greater than 800 x 600 px

o If you are using Copyrighted images please give the correspondent credits

o You are responsible of any issue resulting when using copyrighted images or icon sets
Make sure to post your theme download files
o When posting a zip/desktop download, you will need to ZIP (compress) the .alx AND .cod file and post the entire ZIP/RAR file by using the 'manage attachments' button or you can host the ZIP/RAR file on your own website or file sharing site like When posting a theme that you have hosted outside of BlackberryOS, just copy/paste link inside the body of the post

o When posting OTA/wireless download, you will need to post your .jad OTA link that is HOSTED on your own website where you store OTA theme files.

o Make sure your files are Virus Free, if any of your files are reported as virus infected The Team Members will discuss the action to be tacked, you will be notified and your link will be immediately removed until the issue is fixed
• You must be the maker of the theme you are posting

• Preview threads are allowed, those treads will be open for two weeks and you need to provide the download links for the Beta testers, after two weeks the tread will be closed, if you need more time during the beta testing process please contact any of the Team Members via PM explaining the reason why you need more time, and how much time do you need, we will discuss and give you an answer.

• If you would like to keep your theme preview as a PRIVATE BETA testing process you need to indicate it in the OP including the number of beta testers needed, above rule applied as well.

• Donation/Buy Now buttons may be inserted into FIRST post of thread. Anything after the first post (OP) is considered spam
If the above rules & guidelines are not met, your theme will be deleted from the forum and a PM will be sent to you regarding the rules violation.

• Whether the theme is paid or free w/donation, is developer’s choice and no bashing will be allowed in regards to this matter.

If the above rules & guidelines are not met, you will be notified to correct your post, if you fail to make the required adjustments then you theme may be deleted from the forum and a PM will be sent to you regarding the rules violation.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Team Members in the form of a Private Message.

Thankyou for your cooperation.

BlackBerryOS Team. _____________________