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    **[Premium]** LeBBerry Theme

    Wow, its been a while since i have released a new theme! Well now here we go! Please welcome the LeBBerry theme! LeBBerry theme as alot to offer. Everything from a gorgeous back ground, which is user friendly, so awesome homescreen shortcuts, and a great look! You have great looking banner at the top that will show all your essential information, battery life, signal, notifications etc. One awesome feature is if you navigate up to the banner with your trackpad/ball, you are now on a hidden shortcut. Simply clicking in will launch your manage connections and you’ll be able to turn off wifi, bluetooth, anything you want! Another awesome feature of LeBBerry theme is when your on your homescreen and press the space bar, Quicklaunch opens. And that’s not all! Press R will launch the Clock application, so you can set your alarm, and F will launch your sounds/Profiles application, just like 4.5 OS!! Awesome, I know! LeBBerry theme is available for 9700, 96xx (OS 5.0 and 4.7.1), and the 8900 (OS 5.0 and 4.6.1). Go grab it now for only $2.50!

    Click Here to download now for your device!


    - New Banner
    - New Special Homescreen
    - Home Screen shortcuts
    - R = Clock
    - F = Profiles
    - Navigating to the top banner = Manager connections
    - Space = QuickLaunch
    - Wall Paper friendly

    Click Here to download now for your device!

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