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    BeDroid for 'sale': $1

    JMal and Ahaz Designs are in the mood of (nearly free) giveaways. It is Christmas time and we all are in holiday mood, aren't we? So are these great theme builders.

    The popular theme BeDroid (now version 1.8) really brings DROID look and feel to the BlackBerry. Just check out its replica meters, icons, lock screen and wallpaper. The recent updates they've made to this premium theme makes it run flawlessly and look immaculate. This is truly Android 2.0 on the Blackberry OS like no other.

    The application 'Stop Turning', normally worth an additional $1.99, stopping the Storm screen from turning when not desired, comes built right into this release as well.

    Supported are all devices with OS 4.5 and higher making it 38 versions in total. A gorgeous theme for just $1, saving you 85%. End of the offer: Dec. 25th.
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