Here is a theme I put together if you want to try it. This is the 9630 Tour with 4.6 and up OS's. REMEMBER YOU INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK, I RESUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY NUKED PHONES.
Read the "Read Me Text" included in the zip file for installation instructions. As this isn't an OTA install.
1) Download the JAD and all COD files and put them in a folder.
2) Connect your phone to your pc via USB cable.
3) Using Windows Explorer go to folder you unzipped JAD and COD files into.
4) Copy all files to the memory card in your phone.
5) Using File Explorer go to folder on your memory card where JAD file is.
6) Select this file (JAD) and this will install theme to phone like an OTA.

Download link:
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