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I know you've got lots of info in here already, but I wanted to give ya' a little more!

All themes should work fine, no problem, in Lyricidal's hybrids - if they work in .151, they will work in his hybrids.

As far as working on 5.0, they will work, and the today info will work, BUT running any third party theme will (eventually) cause problems with message notifications. It may work OK for a while (hours), but soon enough, your sounds will stop going off, and it'll be come very difficult to find where new messages are.

Aug you are correct, I have not had the sound issue, I wish I did since I get so many BBM's and my hates the sound.

Interesting I had the hiding message problem the first day....after I uninstalled and resintalled 140 all messages show up where expected the last two days.