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    Leaked: OS Findings & Fixes

    We just got a glimpse of the OS 6 tutorial videos for this device a couple hours ago. Now yet again BBleaks passes down another OS 6 leak. Only this time it’s for a device that hasn’t been released yet. OS has been leaked for the BlackBerry Style? Who does RIM have working in there branding department? The BlackBerry Style? Really? It’s ironic too me that they chose the name “Style” for it because I always said this device was not “Stylish” at all. The only thing that is going to be “Stylin” from this is my 9550 after I get some OS .cods on it from the next hybrid.

    Warning: Please remember that this IS NOT an official release OS. If you wish to install this OS keep in mind that this may cause your phone to not function correctly. BlackberryOS and any other BlackberryOS Official sites are not responsible. If you are not comfortable and/or unsure as how to upgrade to this OS, please click the link below.

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    Oh come on, Hodges! Its not that bad. Its kind of cute in a feminine way. Its small, curvy, almost looks like a chicks compact. I think this device may go over kinda well. I also have a feeling this may get released in a color or two other than black. Its kind of a fun looking phone and let's not forget OS6. We have seen uglier devices with that awkward square shape from other companies, and they were quite popular. As for me, well I may not even think about buying it for myself, but I will deffinately check it out. As for it being called Style........ let's not forget that RIM is for some reason a little behind with the times. Hahaha. I think its all that wasted space around the keyboard that is making it a fugly looking device. Who knows maybe the added space will make it an amazing device to hold and type on. Who knows! I absolutely hate the physical keyboard on any device since I got my first Storm.
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