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Thread: Key Board Error

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktklein View Post
    I'm not sure why the OP is having the issue he reported, however I did realize why none of the rest of us have Sym2 or Sym3 - it is because we are using the fully QWERTY keyboard and he is using one of the reduced keyboards. When you switch they give you a Sym1, Sym2 and Sym3. I tried it and each press brought me from 1 to 2 to 3 and back. I do not believe portrait vs landscape has any bearing.

    I am using suretype and if I open an sms and the first key I hit is the sym it shows me sym1. if I hit it again it goes back to the regular suretype keyboard. now if I try to hit it again it will go through all 3 sym screen.

    I can duplicate the op issues. there is a bug here
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