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    Bluetooth Services lost on .323 ?


    Just updated to .323 from Full .230

    Before the update, I could connect my Jabra headset, and through the media player, listen to music by selecting "Jabra X10" in the player menu.

    I also noticed that the Services list for my Jabra was full.

    After the update, I tried to connect my headset (no problems there) and listen to music. But i couldnt find the option in the menu to send it to my x10.

    So I looked at the services list, and it only had 2. Headset and Handsfree

    I then clicked on "refresh services" and then even those disappeared. However the headset still appears to work. I can use voice dial and make calls.

    Any ideas on how I can add these services back to my headset? This is what I've tried thus far:

    Deleted Jabra profile -> battery pull -> add it again.

    Replace the .323 bluetooth .cod with the old .230 cod (no change)

    Delete the profile -> deactive all available services under options -> battery pull-> reactive all available services -> add jabra again.

    None of this has worked

    Help? I really liked the option of using the headset to listen to music.



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    I uninstalled .323 with a full phone wipe. Re-installed .230 Full

    Although the services list of my jabra only has the two entires.. The media player option is back

    I think I'm going to stick with .230 for now. Maybe Ill try moving a few of the .323 features over, like the new voice dial and see how it goes.


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