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Yes, it's true .65 & .75 were horrible OSs. But the phone was a new device and was rushed out. In their defense they patched up .65 very quick. But as you saw, the amount of time from .75 to .148 was a good amount. We all saw the leaks that fell between .75 and .148 too. None of those leaks were very good. 148 was a solid release IMO. And VZW is not going to make the same mistake with the S2 that they made with the .65 S1. The OS they release with the S2 will be a very solid OS from the start.:cool2:
+1. Well put nate. I couldn't agree more. I personally like .148 despite it being a bit slow, there were not many major issues I experienced. I can't fault Verizon for being arduous in their reviewing and testing of OS to release, I just would like to see all of the OSs they test leak to us as well